Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Tombstone!

Alrighty then. Here's the story on this rock that we have determined will be our tombstone! Years ago, my father lived in a house here in town that dated from the 1860's. Out front by the street there sat the rock you now see. It was a carriage rock! In the days of the carriages they would have to have something to step out of the carriage onto because it sat so high, and in front of most of the larger homes there would be a permanent rock to step out onto rather than someone having to get a stool. So. . . years later when we lived there my dad got tired of mowing around the carriage rock out front so he moved it back into a landscaped area around the house. (Actually, my dad got tired of mowing around a LOT of things. . . like the three foot deep circular tulip bed around the birdbath that he mowed down - and moved the birdbath against the house in the landscaped area, the sugar maple that was a good four inches around that he chopped down. . . he just likes to mow in a straight line!). When Tim asked me to go out with him on a more steady basis, we were sitting on the carriage rock. . . . three and 1/2 years later when he asked me to marry him we were sitting on the carriage rock. When the sad day came that my dad moved away 14 years ago and had to sell his house we took the carriage rock to our house and put it in my rose garden. Last year when we moved they used a lawn tractor with a trailer to move it to our current home where it will sit until we die. We decided that since it has been the symbol of such big happenings in our lives, it will be the symbol of our final happening! hahaha! What a hoot! We will have to have something really great carved into it. I want something funny that when someone walks by in a hundred years and reads it they bust out laughing. We haven't decided what that might be, but maybe we have a while to think about it! (Hopefully, anyway!) Right now it is sitting in our front yard with peonies on each side. I think I might plant a garden around it. But then again one of us would have to ruin the garden to pull the stone out when we die. Maybe we will just be cremated and sit on the stone in a pretty little jar! That's much less work!


Michael Davenport said...

Nice post. And nice photos. Kudos to the photographer (and his sister). : )


Anonymous said...

I love your carriage rock. What an awesome symobl of your lives! Romantic and Sentimental!

Amanda T.