Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trying out a blog!

I am trying out a blog! I think it will be a great way to keep in touch with everyone, but I am a real dummy at all of this, so please be patient.

Hope you will all give me pointers and participate in my venture!


Jacob said...

Looks good!
Found you through Biblical Womanhood. Enjoy your day!


becca said...

Looks good!
Found you through Biblical Womanhood - enjoy your day!


Mary Ellen (Carolina Momma) said...

Hi! I saw your comments posted on Biblical Womanhood and wanted to let you know that I'm a working mom as well. So I know the feeling of wanting to be at home but finding yourself in an office instead LOL! The balance is difficult but I'm coming to understand that with God's strength, I can do it. Right now, God sees fit for me to work, be a wife, a mother and care for our home. And he will give me the grace to make all those things happen.

Blessings to you and your family!

Michael Davenport said...

Every day is a learning experience. Today I learned my sister has a knack for writing. Have fun with the blog babe. If you do this like you do everything else, you'll be having a blast. I'll try to bring the camera along tonight - fix plenty of extra brats. :)


The Savage said...

Just wanted to say I LOVE your quote from Ruth Graham Bell. Miracles are so *not* in our department!

The Savage said...

Hi Rebecca,
My hubby tells me you left a comment on his blog. He was busy scratching his head trying to figure out how he knew you, LOL. I don't know if you checked that little "e-mail me if someone replies to my comment" box when you commented; but if you didn't, know that he did reply to you, just on his site instead of here on yours.

I too came here after reading your comments on Biblical Womanhood. I was thinking to myself: "there are probably other sites out there that would be more encouraging to her life-as-she's-living-it, who can I recommend?" Unfortunately, at the moment (way past my bedtime) I'm coming up with a list of "nope, don't send her there, either's." Sorry!! I'll work on it... :-)

Trust you'll have a great day today, doing exactly what God has called you to do--follow Him!

May we always be amazed by His grace.

a woman found said...

Rebecca, thanks for comin' by my blog and leaving a nice comment!

Looks lookes like you have a nice blog started here. I enjoyed your post about the Bear Bait. We do lay out the bait for each other don't we!! Lord, Help us!!

Anyway, I hope you find, like I have, that whether a woman works outside her home or not, out here in blogland, there are many women who love the Lord and want to serve them with their lives and are a great encouragement!

Have a great weekend