Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heaven Wafting by Like Smoke From the Fire

This evening we are having some friends over to sit beside the fire and roast weinies and marshmallows. I have a dirty house, a yard that needs mown (again), laundry piled, ceilings to paint, our bedroom to paint (we moved in over a year ago and I still don't have it done), and a multitude of other things that are calling my name. However, just for today, I am going to stop and enjoy the evening with people who are crucial to my well-being. I am beginning to learn that all of the chores in life are not as important as seeking contentment and satisfaction in the perfection of small moments. . . . like sitting and staring into the flames of the fire in our backyard while listening to a friend talk about something that is important to them. The kids laughing in the background as they chase lightening bugs. The dogs sitting and staring with an intensity that is scary hoping that you will notice that they would really LOVE a bite of marshmallow. Laying in the hammock watching the martins scope out dinner . . . watching them soar and float just like an eagle even though they are just little birds. Heaven is a good goal to seek and strive for, but I must confess that there is enough heaven in these little moments to fill my soul with a smile.

I hope all of you feel a little touch of Jesus in the wind tonight.

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