Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Babies that Grow Up

Today I have been thinking about my babies. The baby to the left is my brother's youngest (isn't the photo Michael took great?!), not mine. Mine are old. They are 12 and 16. It happened last night. They used to be babies that loved nothing more than to spend time with mom and dad. J used to sit on our laps and snuggle while he observed the world - while playing with our ears. S, well she was a puzzle for a while. She didn't even walk until she was 15 months old. Finally, the Dr. told J to stop carrying her every where she wanted to go or she would never be able to walk! She spoke a language that only J understood. He would constantly have to come and interpret for her because we couldn't understand her. The first day she was born he wouldn't let anyone hold her. She was HIS baby.
NOBODY, but NOBODY adored J more than S.

That was then. Now they hate each other. I tell them all the time that whether they like it or not, God ordered this family and we are all together and sorry about that if they don't care for how it came together.

I live in high hopes that someday they will be devoted to one another again. My great-grandmother used to tell my mom and my aunt that "someday it would be just them, and they needed to be good to one another and love each other". Now they are seeing that come to fruition and they understand the importance of it at this time in their lives. I find myself telling my babies the same thing. Someday we will be gone, and they will have their own families, but nobody loves you quite like a brother and sister can!

I am sure it is just the stage they are in, but I pray that God softens their hearts towards each other and this nonsense of infighting, bickering and one-upmanship STOPS! They are breaking my heart!

I, of course, NEVER fought with my siblings or called them names or waited until Dad or Mom wasn't looking to do my best to physically SMASH them. I ALWAYS sat with pleasant smile and hugged and loved on them and wiped their tears - I NEVER caused their tears.

Buawahha!! Yeah Right. Paybacks. That must be what this season for my life is!


Terry said...

First off, thanks for visiting my blog. Second, I love the quote from Ruth Bell Graham. How true. And third, take heart. I have no doubt that your kids will adore each other and prefer each other's company above anyone else's by the time they are both over the age of 20. My kids bicker- a lot. The twins are 13. Their older sister will be 14 on Saturday. And no, that's not a typo! Despite the arguments, there are moments that their affection for each other shines through when it matters most. You'll see it too no doubt in your own kids. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I found you through Mountain Musings and thought I would pop over to see your blogg. I am always looking for posative God fearing ladies to visit with. I have one sister (a few others by a late marriage but we are not close at all). Any ways, my sister is two years my senior and we went through the "I hate you!" stage. Trust me, no one ment it more than I did at the time. I even went so far as to ask God to take me home because I didn't think my sister and mom loved me. Pretty crazy what the Lord has in mind for each of us. Our "I hate you!" years were when she was in sixth grade and I was in fourth. I wasn't doing well in school and she was getting into some bad crouds at our public school in Phoenix, Arizona. One evening I decided to break the sister code and told mom that my sister was having boys over in the evenings when mom was at work. Mom caught one at our house and that was when my relationship changed with both of them. All of a sudden I knew I was needed to do my part in the family of three (at the time). Mom always said we were a team an at the ripe old age of (what 11 or 12) I finally understood. My sister and I have been extreamely close since then. She and I live different lives and have made different choises, but we love eachother just the same.

I guess what I am saying is that there will come a turning point in thier lives (only God knows when that will be) and they will see that each has their role in the family and niether of them can fill the other's shoes. Trust in God, for he really is in control. I hope this was a bit of encouragement for you with a little history with it. :)

Remember to pray alwyas and trust the Lord to take care of your family.

Sincerely, :) (Wife of a God fearing man & Mommy of two little blessings)

Julie said...

Something that helped around our house was a book called Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. Its written by three siblings all teenagers. My kids loved it and we often quote it around here. LOL.
Other than that.. yeah they fight but I bet they would be quick to defend one another. My brother and I always were/are. Same for my kids.
My five year old told a little boy the other day, "No one gets mad at my sisters but me!" He was a little ferocious looking when he said it! LOL

Julie said...

And.. thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is lovely. You have a lot of wisdom.