Friday, June 20, 2008

Days of Rubber Boots and Dirt

Here in the midwest we have had more rainy days than not so far and when you have to take three dogs to potty you can imagine the tracking in that happens! Our dogs are our family too, so you can't help the situation as there would be mutiny if I were to bow to my inner demons and throw the critters outside! Recently some unfeeling, hard-hearted friends have told me that the oldest one, Punkin (a pound-found mix of retriever/shepherd) has gotten FAT!! Can you imagine someone being that cruel and viscious as to say that? My mother said if she were any calmer she would be dead. At any rate, Punkin is obviously very content in her new home. The other two are Suzie (beagle) and Nijia (yorkie). At the back door there is always an assortment of rubber boots because we have so many kids going in and out all the time. We would slip on the boots and walk the dogs and then come back to the sunroom with about enough dirt to plant at least a little herb garden on our feet! I told hubby that I wished we could leave the boots just outside the door upside down so they wouldn't get rained in. I came home from work, and wa-la! There is my new boot rack! Fantastic! Once less mess to clean up - 95 more to go! haha.


BarbaraLee said...

I have some big yellow boots that I slip on when I don't want to take my house shoes off to go o/s. Floppy old things.

LinesFromTheVine said...

I love this holder for your boots!